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My Lithuanian Family...


Lithuania was in the news this week, the country was showcased hosting the NATO

summit. I’m proud and grateful as the country is an important ally in the region. I share

a history with Lithuania. During WWII my grandparents and their two daughters,

fled the closing of the Iron curtain. They were sponsored by a family in Richmond, VA.,

which is where this photo was taken. My mother is to the right and my aunt/godmother to the left.

I am running for the U.S. Senate so that people in our country can pursue the American

Dream. We deserve a country that is safe, has strong borders and supports liberty.

I have experience and wisdom from serving our country as a border patrol agent. I started on the

front lines and worked hard eventually becoming the Chief of the United States Border Patrol. Before I

retired, President Trump nominated me to be the Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

I took an oath to serve and was proud to do so.

As your Senator I will fight for America’s liberty, I will preserve the promises of the founding and block wasteful, bloated government.

Ron Vitiello

Chief Vitiello for Senate


Integrity - Experience - Honesty - Vitiello for Virginia

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vincent puccio
vincent puccio
17 thg 10, 2023

Is Vitiello running as a Republican Democrat or as an Independent?

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