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As a long time Public Servant, I can no longer stand by while our government and democrat politicians trample on our rights, fail to protect our sovereignty, fail to protect Americans, fail to educate our children, fail to uphold parental rights and fail to enforce the Constitution and the laws on the books.


Defend borders.
Protect Americans

Regarding border security, the SOVEREIGNTY of the United States of America and why it matters, I believe the following. Conserving and promoting freedom comes with a responsibility to protect our sovereignty. Securing the border promotes security and the public safety. The United States must protect our people from threats in a world that includes hostile nation states, terrorists, and ruthless criminal organizations. Only with secure borders are we able to preserve the promises of the founding.

Securing the border is a matter of using the right mix of personnel, technology, and infrastructure. Security also requires intelligence, with the right policies and operations both at our borders and in the country. Allowing people to enter the U.S. with impunity, degrades our sovereignty and the rule of law. 

As Senator for the Commonwealth of Virginia I will ensure that our government has the most effective policies to secure the border and will dedicate time to giving our frontline the tools they need to protect the homeland.

Parents defending rights

Educate Children [academics]
Protect Parents' Rights

Education is an essential aspect for our children's lives. Jefferson said that only a well-informed electorate can be trusted with self-government. Public school systems must focus on the fundamentals, reading, writing and arithmetic. Elementary and primary  education institutions that cannot excel in these areas, must be held accountable or eliminated.

Parents must be allowed choice  and given alternatives considering that it's their investment in those public school systems what keeps them running. . Parents mustbe in control of all aspects of their child's upbringing. No bureaucracy can replace parental duties or rights. 

Families deserve an educational system that is free from political and social radicalism. All schools must be temples of free speech, critical thinking, and free from ideology.

While serving as your Senator I will advocate policies and legislation that encourages our children's education. I will shrink the federal footprint in local schools and push legislation that keeps radicalism away from our kids.


law enforcement_badge.jpg

Law Enforcement, Protect Communities, uphold the Law

Law Enforcement plays a vital role in protecting our communities. Effective police agencies value the public trust while providing law and order. Safe streets promote quality of life, spur investment and protect people.

Zealous politicians and biased media pushing extremism and identity politics have to be stopped.

Our children should be taught to respect legitimate authority and  encouraged to respect police. Young adults should be encouraged to be police opening participation in solving problems to benefit communities. Police must establish policies that promote transparency and accountability. Programs that increase communication and awareness are crucial.

As your Senator I will work to support law enforcement and develop legislation that promotes accountability and effectiveness,

VIRGINIA'S Issues In The News

The topic of increasing academic focus in our education systems across Virginia, upholding parental rights and responsibilities as well as cleaning up school libraries from inappropriately aged and sexually explicit material has made headlines in Virginia throughout the last decade reaching a disturbing crescendo in the past 4 years. In this section we will be exposing important topics that concern Virginians as they are covered and reported. To send us your issue or topic of concern just click on :

We are listening!

HUman Trafficking.JPG

VIRGINIA: Keep An Eye Out For Human Trafficking

Loudoun Cty-SB.JPG

LOUDOUN: Rogue School Board

Child Trafficking.JPG

NORTHERN VA: Human Trafficking

NANA_Sage's law.JPG

RICHMOND: Push for Transgenderism in Schools

Loudoun Cty-IanPrior.JPG

LOUDOUN: School Board Cover-Ups hurt Students

school in clasroom.jpeg

FAIRFAX: Indoctrination vs Education


ViRGINIA DEMOCRATS: Trampling Parents' Rights

Fairfax_Stacey Langton Porn books.JPG

VIRGINIA: Sexually Explicit Material available to children

Crime in Va.JPG

VIRGINIA: Keeping Communities Safe takes LEOs

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